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About This Site
To find out more information about this website and how to use the site efficiently, follow the link About This Site.
Purpose Of This Site: 
This web site has been developed as a medium for Health Care Professionals to network.  This site is meant to provide healthcare professionals in all types of facilities with information that will be helpful in developing processes to enhance the quality of care and services, while meeting the requirements of external review agencies. 

Many hours are spend in policy and procedure development in healthcare facilities.  I hope that through the use of this web site, we can bring together  thoughts and ideas that will help us in our daily efforts.

You are invited and encouraged to use this web site for sharing.   Browse the site for information that will help you.  And hopefully, you will also have something that you can share with others.  The policies, procedures, forms, and other documents that you find here are not meant to be the perfect process, but rather they are stepping stones to help you develop a process that will work for your facility.

Identifiers will be removed from documents submitted to this site.  You are encouraged to submit forms, plans, policies and procedures, and other documents that will help others in the development of these documents.  Please do not submit material that is copyrighted.  Any material known to be copyrighted will not be presented here. 

This site is not responsible for the content of documents displayed here.
Sharing Your Documents
Document sharing is welcome.  Please frequently review the list of Topics Requested by clicking this link.  This link provides a list of documents that other healthcare professionals are requesting.  If you have a document that is requested, or other document that may be of interest to other healthcare professionals that you are willing to share, please contact me or email it to me with as an attachment.  

You can contact me by Emailing me at hcnet@voicenet.com

For additional information see How to Submit Documents for Sharing.

Your Opinion Counts...
In an effort of continual improvement, I welcome and appreciate  your comments and suggestions regarding the site.

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